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Research IT Voucher Program

Research IT Voucher Program Overview

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Research IT Service are providing vouchers for completion of digital research projects.  These vouchers are available for use by faculty and research staff by application.  Each voucher application has the potential to be awarded up to $5,000.

These voucher funds will provide an incentive for using Research IT services, e.g., vouchers will cover a certain number of hours of software development service or subsidize the cost for research software developers provided via shared Core services. Vouchers could also be used for networked storage and processing infrastructure, as well as training resources and cloud services.  Applications for vouchers will be reviewed by the committee and awards will be prioritized based on need and/or overall contribution to the research community.

Proposal Process:

In order to be eligible for a digital research project voucher, responsible parties must provide a one-page proposal outlining the project, the need for the funds, plans for future work, as well as plans future plans for maintaining the proposed project.  Project proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by a subset group of faculty members of the Research IT Faculty Advisory Committee.  Accepted proposals will be communicated via email within two weeks of the deadline.

Proposal Deadlines and Announcements:

Proposal Deadline Proposal Announcement
October 1 2022 October 15 2022
December 20 2022 January 15 2023
April 1 2023 April 15 2023

Please submit your proposal here.