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Arts and Humanities at Vanderbilt

At Vanderbilt, the arts and humanities are fundamental to what we do. From ancient poetry and philosophy to modern history and experimental music, the humanities can nurture us in the classroom and develop lifelong appreciators, questioners, observers and critics. They enable us to appreciate the rich history and deep complexities of being human.

With the influx of technology, artificial intelligence, robots and other forms of digitization in today’s society, the humanities are more important than ever before. If we aren’t prepared in the fundamentals of reading, writing and thinking in the most basic and time-tested sense, how are we to distinguish meaningful from trivial, algorithmic from organic, real from fake, right from wrong?

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Spearheaded by the Office of the Provost, Vanderbilt’s portal is one of many initiatives designed to champion arts and the humanities, and to elevate their vital importance on our campus and far beyond. In addition to spotlighting the work happening at Vanderbilt—ranging from inter-disciplinary curriculum, to community engagement at the Center for Digital Humanities, to programming at the Robert Penn Warren Center—the portal brings us together in the spirit of scholarly inquisition and creative expression.The humanities are not just a segment of our curriculum or a field onto themselves; they are a critical approach that can permeate and enhance every aspect of human thinking. Through the portal, we invite you to explore the humanistic work happening at Vanderbilt, and the research and scholarship that propels our society further.

Funding support for the Arts and Humanities can be found here, specifically of interest are the Arts and Humanities Rapid Response Micro-Grants and the Research Scholar Grants. Additional information can also be found on the website for the Office of the Provost, department-specific sites and throughout Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan.

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