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Photo Center & Institute Org Chart for Website_7.01.19 » Photo Center & Institute Org Chart for Website_7.01.19

Organizational chart of the Office of Research Centers and Institutes: Susan Wente, Provost, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Padma Raghavan, Vice Provost for Research; ACCRE: Alan Tackett, Director; Hunter Hagewood, Director of Research Computing Operations; CICN: Jeffrey Schall, Director; CRMH: Derek Griffith, Director; Marino Bruce, Assistant Director; Curb: Jay Clayton, Director; Alex Frenette, Associate Director; SGS: Michelle Wyatt, Interim Director; VBI: Lisa Monteggia, Director; VDSI: Andreas Berlind, Co-director; Douglas Schmidt, Co-director; Amanda Harding, Assistant Director; VIEE: George Hornberger, Director; David Hess, Associate Director; VINSE: Sharon Weiss, Director; VISE: Benoit Dawant, Director; Wond'ry: David Owens, Executive Director; Deanna Meador, Assistant Director; Kevin Galloway, Director of Making, DIVE