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The Office of the Vice Provost for Research manages the development of Vanderbilt’s trans-institutional research, and plays a major role in the university’s relationships with federal and private sector sponsors. This includes sponsored research administration, policy, integrity and compliance; information technologies for research; and intellectual property, technology transfer, and commercialization. Together with leading faculty and staff, Vice Provost Padma Raghavan facilitates the governance of university research, from environmental health and safety groups to strategic research committees like the Vanderbilt University Research Council (VURC). See below for a listing of all committees that work together to govern research at Vanderbilt.

Environmental Health and Safety Assessment and Planning Working Group 

GlobalVU VURC Subcommittee

IACUC/OAWA – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Vanderbilt University Institutional Biosafety Committee (VU IBC)

Vanderbilt Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Vanderbilt University Radiation Safety Committee (VU RSC)

Vanderbilt University Research Council (VURC)