L-POD InReach and OutReach Workshops


Support the growth and diversity of the university’s funding matrix by providing campus-wide learning opportunities to increase success in securing extramural funding from a variety of sources.

Program Overview

The VU-to-Sponsor program will utilize a framework of InReach and OutReach activities to increase awareness of sponsor opportunities, enable cohesion of topic areas across faculty, and foster the growth of sponsor partnerships.

InReach Activities

Two types of workshops will have content tailored to either a specific agency or opportunity.  InReach activities will conclude with an invitation for faculty to send the OVPR a high-level description of how their research fits with a specific upcoming OutReach activity.

  • Agency-focused InReach: Workshop focused on a specific extramural sponsor (e.g. DARPA) with target audience of 20-40 attendees.
  • Opportunity-focused InReach: Workshop focused on a specific opportunity from an extramural sponsor (e.g. DARPA RFP) with target audience of 15-30 attendees.

OutReach Activities

L-POD will establish a network of sponsor contacts by systematically coordinating OutReach events with external sponsors of interest to VU.  OutReach activities will be in two stages, where the first step is bringing a sponsor officer to campus and the second step is visiting the sponsor with a select, small group of faculty and a whitepaper with a targeted message. Between the two stages, L-POD will synthesize feedback and a tailored whitepaper will be crafted to deliver to sponsor.

  • Sponsor-to-VU OutReach: A current or recent Program Officer visits campus to give a presentation (50-100 attendees) and attend focused round-table discussion (10-20 attendees).
  • VU-to-Sponsor OutReach: A small group is selected based to visit the sponsor organization and present whitepaper(s) that represent the VU strengths that align with the sponsor’s goals (3-6 attendees), with the intent of influencing program directions and future solicitation topics.

Recent L-POD Events

InReach Activities:

  • Diversify sponsorship of your research: NIH → NSF – 10/09/2017

OutReach Activities

  • Visit from Dr. Alexander Kott, Chief Scientist of the Army Research Laboratory – 11/2/2017