LSO Overview

Limited Submission Opportunities (LSOs) are funding opportunities that place a limit on the number or types of applications Vanderbilt can submit, either as a pre- or full proposal. Such restrictions are included in the opportunity announcement and can be for awards or research funding.  Vanderbilt University, through the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR), is responsible for coordinating the review and selection of institutional nominees.  In some cases, the OVPR will also coordinate the review and selection of nominees with the Office of Research (OOR) in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center on opportunities for which the institutional nominee must be determined across both institutions.

Padma Raghavan, Vice Provost for Research, has the responsibility and authority to determine which proposals will be submitted as Vanderbilt’s official nominees.  Anyone interested in submitting a proposal to one of these programs must first submit an application for internal review and approval.  As long as the limited nomination slots have not been filled, an LSO will remain open after the internal deadline, up until the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) deadline for external submissions.

For assistance with submission of applications to external funders, contact Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

LSO Announcements

Official announcements about Limited Submission opportunities are communicated in a variety of ways, including announcements in myVU and myVUMC and on the Research@Vanderbilt website, and on the Vanderbilt InfoReady submission portal.  In addition, email notices are sent to appropriate deans, department chairs, center directors, and faculty depending on the focus of the opportunity.  The announcements identify the opportunity, give a brief description, provide a link to the funder’s website, and indicate all internal and external deadlines.  If you would like to receive announcements of LSOs, you can join the VU-LSO_ANNOUNCEMENTS listserv by filling out this form.

Faculty are expected to adhere to all posted deadlines.  The OVPR makes every effort to identify all LSOs and notify faculty in a timely manner.  The funding agency’s official program announcement remains the final authority in determining sponsor requirements. If a faculty member identifies opportunities that have not yet been announced internally, it is their responsibility to contact the OVPR in advance of any deadlines before proceeding with a possible application.

Candidate Responsibilities

Candidates selected must ensure they are aware of any additional requirements of the funding agency beyond the internal competition. They must also complete all regular internal approval processes, and it is their responsibility to contact the appropriate office(s) for assistance to prepare and submit the full application.

If a nominee is no longer able to apply for a limited submission opportunity, s/he must notify the appropriate contact person immediately, to allow another colleague the chance to move forward with a submission.

If a proposal is submitted to an agency but not funded, the Vice Provost may request feedback including summary statements or other peer and sponsor review comments from the PI to help improve selection of proposals for that particular LSO.

Faculty may not proceed with an application to an LSO competition without official confirmation from the OVPR.  Applications for LSOs that are submitted to SPA without confirmation may be delayed, presuming confirmation can be obtained, or returned.