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VU/VUMC Research Activities Guidance

VU research activities:

In addition to reviewing the latest guidance for VU research activities on the main VU Research site, consulting the Resources for 4-Phase Research Ramp-Up, please contact the VU Office of the Vice Provost for Research at with questions about VU research.

VUMC research activities:

See the VUMC coronavirus website for guidance about VUMC research activities, as well as the VUMC Office of Research for information about their separate VUMC research ramp-up plans.  For questions or concerns about VUMC research lab operations, please contact the VUMC Office of Research.  Contact information for specific VUMC Office of Research team members is available here.

Connections between VU and VUMC research activities:

Many VU-employed PIs collaborate with VUMC-employed PIs and there are several VU and VUMC labs that are located close to each other.  To clarify:

VU and VUMC are in frequent communication and meeting regularly, and will continue to provide updated guidance to our shared communities to address this rapidly evolving situation.