Partnerships & Collaborations: Government, Industry & Nonprofits

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What Partnerships Create

Partnerships and collaborations across universities, government and the private sector is the key to pioneering projects that impact society. Here are a few examples:

Ancora Innovation

Ancora Innovation is a collaboration focused on the union of Vanderbilt’s innovative life science discovery efforts and Deerfield’s commitment to accelerating state-of-the-art drug development. The partnership has generated four drug discovery and development programs to date, the most recent focusing on developing therapeutics for a rare form of epilepsy.


Apartnership between Vanderbilt, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and Gresham Smith created I-24 MOTION, the only real-world automotive testing environment in the world. Stretching for four miles just southeast of downtown Nashville, the smart highway is equipped with 300 4K digital sensors capable of logging 260,000,000 vehicle-miles of data per year.


Army Futures Command awarded Vanderbilt University its inaugural Pathfinder Project, an investment from the Army Research Laboratory and the Civil-Military Innovation Institute Inc. to support collaborations between researchers and creative soldiers to rapidly innovate high-impact, research-based technologies with a path to commercialization and prompt acquisition of products by the Army. One example of this collaboration is the Soldier Assistive Bionic Exosuit for Resupply, a three-pound suit that reduces stress on soldiers’ backs by more than 100 pounds while lifting.

TN education research allianceTennessee Education Research Alliance

The Tennessee Education Research Alliance (TERA) is one of the only research-practice partnerships in the country focused on state-level education policy. TERA connects Vanderbilt University's Peabody College and the Tennessee Department of Education to carry out high-quality, practical research that informs state-level policy, impacts the practice in schools and districts across Tennessee, and contributes to national conversations on K-12 education.

Working with Industry

Together as partners, we can transform industries and achieve lasting advancements through Vanderbilt's innovative research and technologies, and a deep commitment to dynamic collaborations.

If you’re with a company interested in partnering with Vanderbilt University in research and innovation, contact:

Chris Rowe, Executive Director for Industry Collaborations

Working with Government

By partnering, we can transform industries and achieve lasting advancements using Vanderbilt's innovative research, transformative technologies, and steadfast dedication to collaboration.

If you’re with a government entity interested in partnering with Vanderbilt University in research or innovation , contact:

Cara Ince, Director of Research and Innovation Public Partnerships

Division of Government and Community Relations

The Division of Government and Community Relations broadly connects with a wide array of stakeholders for Vanderbilt's public policy and community efforts, in contrast to OVPRI's specialized focus on research and innovation government collaborations.

Community Relations and Working with Nonprofits

Vanderbilt and nonprofits, together, transform potential into impact, proving that our combined efforts lead to unparalleled community enrichment.

If you’re with a nonprofit interested in partnering with Vanderbilt in research and innovation, contact:

Joanne Spitz, Executive Director for Research Development and Support